Wefeel’s psychologists, the creators of an app for couple games, recommend reflecting upon some questions before making up your mind.

Romantic relationships are not linear and sometimes you might have doubts about what to do. If you are thinking about opening up your relationship, think about the following questions before deciding:

  • Are we making this decision because we’re in crisis or because it’s what we want? It’s very different to make such an important decision when the relationship is floundering, as a way of mending things, compared to deciding to do it because it forms part of both member’s values and is compatible with both of their ways of loving and seeing life.
  • Another important question is whether you have decided to open up the relationship because it’s the only way your partner will stay with you. If you do it to keep your partner because it’s important for them, it might not be reason enough and it could end up hurting you. If you decide to do it, it should be because it is compatible with your values and your way of loving.
  • Another question to ask yourself is: do we think that making this decision is going to change things? If so, try to identify what you hope will change. An open relationship can change many things, but it’s not going to change our identity. If you think opening up your relationship will make your partner more extroverted, it’s probably not going to be effective. Our identity and our character aren’t going to change.
  • Additionally, we should ask ourselves if we are making this decision based on fear or desire.
  • And lastly, what are our expectations? What limits need to be established and what needs to be negotiated before making the decision?

It is essential that the decision be made together, that both parties want to do it and that it is compatible with your ways of loving and living.

In fact, if you still have doubts after thinking about these questions, use Wefeel and play couple games. They will improve your relationship and foster fundamental pillars: compassion, generosity, respect and communication. Wefeel, the couples game app, is designed for all couples to be able to play and strengthen their relationship.