How does it work?

The success of a couple’s relationship depends, to a large extent, on having many more positive moments and interactions than negative or neutral ones.

Emotional intelligence within the couple allows each partner to do their part to make sure this happens.

Sometimes, day to day life and routine conflicts overwhelm us and take a toll on our relationship. We begin to neglect it and we lose the spark.

Wefeel helps you improve your relationship by guaranteeing positive moments and feedback everyday. The magic of Wefeel is that in just a few days, you will start to feel like you did at the beginning of your relationship.

If a couple plays Wefeel at least a few days each month, a new dynamic will be created and the relationship will become more solid. It will make it hard for negative moments to outweigh the positive ones.

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And improve your relationship through games about communication, sex, empathy… and much more!