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What’s Wefeel?

Wefeel is an APP that strengthens and reignites your relationship. With Wefeel you will be able to create a gratifying environmnent in which the relationship gains strength and flourishes. The impact is immediate.

You'll tell each other things you've never said to each other


You’ll awaken feelings and emotions


You’ll be intimate in new ways


You’ll be free of assumptions and unnecessary blockages

People using Wefeel

To whom is it addressed?


Wefeel is for all ages


Wefeel is for all types of couples


Wefeel works to strengthen relationships

How does Wefeel work?

Download the app and sign up

Complete the registration form, which allows you to invite your partner.

Connect your partner

Your partner will receive an invitation in their email and just log in

Game on!

You don’t have to be together. Jump in, try the different options and discover all the challenges we have in store.

What do Wefeelers think?

Francisco Javier

“Very good app. It really is a tremendous idea for relationships that sometimes need a little push.”

– 2 years with his partner –

giuli latella

“Excellent application to encourage communication as well as to get out of the routine and remember those little details that you fell in love with.”

– 5 years with her partner –